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The environment, sun, stress, and age can all take their toll on your skin, causing discoloration and loss of elasticity. Chemical peels are a simple cosmetic treatment that can restore a youthful vitality and glow to your skin. At The Loft MedSpa, Ruth Cover offers chemical peels to improve the look and health of your skin. To schedule a consultation, call the Gilbert, Arizona, office today or book an appointment online.

Chemical Peels Q & A

What are chemical peels?

Chemical peels are a cosmetic treatment that uses an acidic solution to exfoliate your skin. The extent of the exfoliation depends on the strength of the acid used for your chemical peel.

What are the different types of chemical peels?

As noted above, chemical peels come in varying strengths of mild, medium, and deep based on the type of acid used. The three basic types include:

Alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) peel (mild)

Often referred to as the lunchtime peel, the AHA peel is the mildest chemical peel and only penetrates the top layer of your skin. This peel is primarily used to treat skin discoloration and to brighten your look.

Glycolic acid and trichloroacetic acid (TCA) peel medium

The glycolic acid peels and TCA peels are stronger chemical peels that exfoliates the top and middle layers of your skin. This type of peel can improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles, acne scars, and discoloration.

Phenol peel (deep)

The phenol peel is the strongest type of chemical peel and has the ability to penetrate deep into the middle layer of your skin to remove damaged skin cells. This type of chemical peel can improve the appearance of deep lines, freckles, skin pigmentation, and shallow scars.

Ruth uses the Vi PeelĀ® at The Loft MedSpa, which is a specially formulated chemical peel that can soften lines, even out your skin tone, and smooth away your rough textured skin.

The Vi Peel is gentle enough for all skin types and takes about 30 minutes. It can be repeated four times a year to maintain your results.

What can I expect during a chemical peel?

Ruth begins by first cleansing your skin, and then she applies the chemical solution. She allows your peel to gently exfoliate your skin for a set period of time and then removes the peel. Your skin may appear red and feel as though you have a mild sunburn afterward.

How long does it take to see the results of a chemical peel?

You should start to see an improvement in the look of your skin within seven days of your peel, with continued improvements over the next several months.

To maintain your youthful look, Ruth recommends your repeat your chemical peel every so often, depending on the type, and she can advise you on a schedule that works best for your skin.

To schedule an aesthetic consultation at The Loft MedSpa and see if a chemical peel is the right solution for you, call the office or request an appointment online.